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Are you looking for the reliable taxi companies in Sri Lanka? Check out this comprehensive list of top taxi operators in Sri Lanka.

As you prepare to visit Sri Lanka, it is important to obtain information on cab services and rent a car services.If you do not hire a tour operator for planing your tour, you should keep contact details of taxi or cab services to have a hassle free holiday in Sri Lanka.

Major cab services charge the cost of traveling based on the distance of travel and type of vehicle, traffic, and waiting charges. Some taxis may have meter and they charge according to the meter.

 Here we provide a list of top reliable and safe  cab services in Sri Lanka which are super-efficient.

  • Kangaroo Cabs
  • Pickme
  • Uber Cab Service
  • Yogo

Kangaroo Cabs

Kangaroo Cab Service is one of the main taxi services in Sri Lanka. It offers transportation solutions ranging from tuk tuk to luxury vehicles. The company has 24/7 customer support centers and phone app ensuring comfort and safety to the customers.

Hotline : +94 112 588 588

Website : https://kangaroocabs.com/



Pickme has a large fleet of vehicles offering on demand and pre booking facilities for it’s customers. Download Pickme app for your   convenience.

Hotline : +94117433433

Website: https://pickme.lk/

Uber Cab Service

Uber cab service is now operating in Sri Lanka offering both taxi and Uber eats delivery services. Uber is very popular and widely used in the country.You can get help 24/7 trough Uber mobile app.

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