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How To Make Money While Traveling

This is how you make money while traveling the world

Millions of people search everyday on how to make money online in the internet. But majority of them gets disappointed as there are lots of scams out there.This post tells you real online money making methods based on how to make money while traveling.

Convert your travelling experience into a money making machine !!! Start today,research,learn and jump in to action.It doesn’t matter whether you are a
regular traveler or not.Always carry a good travel camera and make sure your new experiences are
captured perfectly and post regularly to guide other people.I will tell you how.

Methods to make money from traveling

  1. Start a travel blog and promote affiliate products earn commission
  2. Earn money from youtube channel.
  3. Facebook page or group
  4. selling travel images
  5. Write travel guide books and sell online
  6. Write travel  stories for travel websites.

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Now is not the right time to travel, as the Covid 19 pandemic is spreading around the world.But after the pandemic ends, tourism sector will globally boost unlike before. All countries will reopen for tourism.Therefore now is the time to get ready for that. Start today ,Go slow and steady. 

What you need to start

You do not have to spend thousand dollars  on traveling to make money online,only you need a laptop,a good travel camera, some travel accessories and a stable internet connection. Even you need not travel in different countries.You can start from your own country.Any country has popular travel destinations which thousands of people around the world would search on internet.

Get ready for traveling -Be a perfect traveler

True that you already have a passion for traveling and passion for making money online.That is why you read this post.A perfect traveler should have some travel items and accessories .We recommend best products in the market for you in this post.Because you need a little investment for this purpose.

A good travel Camera

Buy a good camera to capture your travel experience.You have to make eye catching images and quality videos for your content. Some content creators use their iPhone to take images and videos. Click here to buy a new iPhone.

Sometimes you already have a camera and need to upgrade the existing ones.Check out following products which best suite for traveling.

Waterproofed camera for underwater shooting

A waterproofed camera is essential for your video creation. When you travel islands and beach destinations,Do not forget to take a waterproofed camera to capture under water.You can make amazing videos with them.

SD card for your camera

When traveling, you have to take lots of images and videos.Therefore a high capacity SD card is essential.We recommend that you keep extra SD card as a backup.

How to make money through a travel blog

Nowadays, creating a website is not a hard work thanks to website building platform like WordPress, Wix.com.You can create amazing websites using theses platform only paying few dollars for web hosting.Web hosting packages are available at less than 50 dollars. Remember to get a good domain for your website which well describe your travel niche. We recommend Bluehost for your business.Click to buy now.


Hostgator is another popular hosting company you can start with.Hostgator offers attractive hosting packages for their customers.

There are lots of amazing self learning tutorials on how to build websites using these platforms.

If you are not familiar with website designing you can someone to create your site at a cheap price. Fiverr.com is a good place to get this kind of services. lots of tasks are available starting at  5 dollars. You can get anything done on Fiverr at a small price.

How to monetize your travel blog

You can earn a good commission by promoting affiliate links.There are lots of affiliate marketing pregames available for travel blogs. Following are some of monetizing methods you can use for your website. 

  1. You can publish advertisements and get paid
  2. Promote affiliate products (exp: Amazon,Ebay,Bestbuy,Walmart and aliexpress.)
  3. Promoting hotels booking sites.(exp:agoda.com,booking.com,hotelscombined.com,)
  4. Promoting flight booking.
  5. Taxi services
  6. Sell your own Products

How to monetize your youtube channel

Yourtubers earn thousands of dollars per month easily creating content and publishing ads on their videos and promoting products.You too can create content for youtube relating to travel and get millions of views.Travel is a popular niche to make videos which attracts huge views from around the world.

Adsense is the most popular way of monetizing youtube channels and also you can publish native advertisements and get paid. All other affiliate marketing programs can be applied for youtube.Upload quality videos of travel guide and promote your channel to get more subscribers. You need a good video editing software for making amazing videos for youtube.

For Facebook page and group things are same as above.Setup a travel guide Facebook page and run some  ads to promote your page.

Selling travel images

There is a high demand for travel images in the market.You can make money selling images online.Graphic designer, web designer and some reputable companies are willing to buy your images. There are websites you can upload your images and if someone buy your images from that site you earn a commission. The same photo can be sold hundred times and each time you get commission.

Website to sell your images

  1. TourPhotos
  2. Adobe Stock
  3. On Your Own Website
  4. Shutterstock
  5. Alamy
  6. Etsy
  7. Fotomoto
  8. Crestock

Prepare your images before selling-Use of the the following photo editing softwares

Write travel guide books and sell online

Selling travel guide book are another way of making money as a traveler.Yon can sell them as pdf book or printed books.Amazon.com and Ebay.com are best websites to sell your books.Check out the following books from amazon.com.

Make money writing travel stories for travel websites

When you visit a destinations you can write a travel guide story so that other people follow your story to visit that place.You get paid for stories you write by website owners.

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