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Sinharaja Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest in Sri Lanka

Sinharaja Rain Forest was designated by UNESCO in 1988 as one of the most endangered wildlife systems in terms of its geographical location.There is a continuum of animal and plant evolution in this. This being a very  important biodiversity hotspot,Sinharaja Forest  has become a major eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka.


Sinharaja rain forest

This is a wet zone rain forest scientifically known as tropical wet forest.

Distance from Colombo to Sinharaja Forest is about 120 km.Travel time would take nearly 3 hours.

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Bordering Galle,Matara, and Rathnapura Districts,Sinharaja Forest covers an area of 11187 hectares and it is  located in Sabaragamuwa and Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is spread over an elevation of 300-1150 m and the lowest point is 90 m. Not so high.

The Napola River and the Kostulana Canal are bounded on the north by the Mahadola and Gin rivers on the south, the Kalundawa Canal and the Koodawa River on the west, the Beverly Estate on the east and the Denuwak Kanda Sinharaja.

This rain forest covers the slopes and valleys of the Rakwana Range and stretches  connecting the districts of Galle, Matara and Ratnapura. 

Small water streams which start from this forest  feed two main rivers making beautiful water falls. Kalu and Gin are such rivers which have feeding areas in Sinharaja Forest.

The forest is home to a number of endemic species of flora, fauna and micro-organisms, as well as an evergreen forest that has attracted the attention of environmentalists around the world.

During the day, visitors are mesmerized by the sounds of birds and natural water falls running through the thick forest.

Although the Sinharaja forest receives rainfall in both the southwest and northeast monsoon winds, most of the rainfall comes from the southwest monsoon winds.

The average annual rainfall is between 3000 and 6000 mm. Also, the minimum annual rainfall of 50 mm proves that there is no long drought throughout the year. The annual temperature is between 18 – 24 degrees Celsius.

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