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Travel Guide To Ambuluwawa

How to visit Ambuluwawa by train

This is the story of Ambuluwawa visit by train we made during our vacation. We here offer all the necessary travel information on how to travel Ambuluwawa by train.

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Travel Story by Sewwandi Dassanayaka. Regular writer to Happy Tour To Sri Lanka.

Ambuluwawa Tower in Gampola is one of the most sought after tourist attractions these days in Sri Lanka.
That’s why we used our excursion this time to climb Ambuluwawa mountain in Gampola. Our group consisted of seven travelers.

We started our journey from  the Colombo Fort Railway Station. The exact date is 28th of March in 2020.


 We had booked our train tickets about a week ago and as it was a Poya day, we booked second class seats for our convenience.

The departure time of the train from Colombo was 5.55 am. As mentioned earlier, all seven of us joined the Fort Station at 5.30 am.

It’s a great relief that our journey started on time. Little by little we started to feel the change in the environment as we moved away from Colombo.

 Waking up in the morning earlier than usual made everyone want to eat breakfast a little bit earlier.

We had planned to have breakfast on the train.
What included in our breakfast as follows,
* Sugar sambol with bread slices
* Cutlets
* Vegetable bread

Gampola railway station

(However, my personal opinion is that this type of food is better suited to our country’s main course, “rice”, on a train journey or on a trip)

It was very helpful to have a water bottle holder in front of all our seats and a small table that could be expanded.

Train to Gampola

Somehow we got off at the Gampola railway station at around 10.00 am. We were happy that the weather was perfect. Ambuluwawa tower was visible from there. I did not forget to take a group photo at the railway station.

We walked to the nearby town of Gampola without wasting time. From there we took a tuk tuk to the foot of Ambuluwawa Hill. It was Rs.300 to the main entrance.

Normally one could take three people, but we managed it with four girls in one tuck tuck and three boys in the other. 

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Due to the holiday, many people were waiting in line at the ticket counter, but not much time was wasted. One ticket cost as little as Rs. 70 / -.

Although we were given the opportunity to drive almost as close to the tower ,but most people prefer to climb the mountain on foot. We also decided to climb the mountain on foot accordingly.

In fact, we realized the value of the decision we made while climbing the mountain. It was an amazing experience.

The view was amazing. You will see the whole city of Gampola as a very beautiful view. Like a picture ..!

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There are small restrooms along the path to rest and eat.This kind of rest room are called “Ambalama” in Sinhala Language.

One thing to keep in mind on this trip is that we do not find any restaurants until we get close to the tower. Therefore it is better to take some snacks and something to drink.

Somehow it took us about two hours to climb Ambuluwawa mountain. When the end came, everyone would feel a little tired.

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One of the unique things we learned about Ambuluwawa  was that it was a pan-religious place. It can be considered as a valuable place where a large number of people come irrespective of race or religion.

After seeing everything at the bottom of the tower, our next plan was to go to the top of the tower. There was a long queue for that too. The ticket price was as little as twenty rupees.

Then our team climbed the tower. For a while it was possible to climb the tower both inside and outside the tower.

However, due to the large number of people on that day, the ascenders were organized from the inside and the descendants from the outside. 

Ambuluwawa tower

Even the stairs are so small that when you go up, there is only room for one person at the top of the stairs.Do not forget to a selfie at the top of the tower.It would be an unforgettable experience in ones’ life. So, it took us about an hour to climb the tower up and down.

Those who have fears for height are not encouraged. 

As we started to descend the hill.When we came a short distance, torrential rain began to fall. Almost all the other tourists who were going down the hill went to Ambalama for shelter. But despite the rain our group started going down the hill. Unbelievable happiness … !!!

In fact, it was the best part of our trip at the time. It was so much fun and after a while it was a wonderful experience to soak in the rain.

When we finally arrived at the train station, even our clothes were soaking wet. We had no extra clothes so we bought some clothes to change our wet clothes.

 Our return train to Colombo was at 3.20 pm. We hired a taxi at the main entrance to go to the Gampola town.We had our lunch in a hotel near  the train station. 

Accommodation around Gampola is not difficult to find. There are hotel premises for foreigners as well as Sri Lankans around Gampola. But according to our plan we left to return to Colombo on the same day.

So,that was the end of the most beautiful excursion ever….!!!

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