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Travel Guide To Galle Face Green

what is Galle face green?

Galle Face Green in Colombo City of Sri lanka is a very popular place for enjoying Ocean view,specially sunset vibe and evening walk along the beach. Another reason for its’ popularity is that most of the luxury hotels and shopping malls are situated in walking distance of the Galle Face Green.

Many tourists prefer to book a hotel near this place for at least one day as it is a vibrant cityscape with Ocean breeze ,culture richness,and amazing street food. 

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This Ocean side urban park is situated along the coast between Galle Road and Indian Ocean.This spot is about a half kilometer in size. If you start from Colombo Railway Station or Colombo Central Bus stand, your can reach this place in less than 10 minuets’ ride.

In history, this land was mainly used for horse riding and other sports by English. Now it has become a fun gathering place, sometimes a place for mass demonstration and musical shows.

Usually  on weekends, the Galle Face Green is crowded with people specially to indulge in their favorite pastimes. Some local people come here to take early exercise enjoying the sea breeze.

Lot of children and teenagers with their families gather on this open space to spend their free time on weekends. It is wonderful to be with local people who are friendly and helpful to foreigners.

It is also a hangout place for young couples.

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 The Galle Face Green is also a wonderful place to witness a marvelous sunset over the western coast of Sri Lanka. If your include Colombo in your tour plan, do not forget to visit this beach and spend some time enjoying the sea breeze and sunset view.

There are plenty of stalls along the coast selling sweets and local spicy foods. Food vendors here sell spicy pickles,pastry and fried snacks. But if your prefer indoor dinging,cross the Galle Road and go into The One Galle Face Shopping Mall where there are indoor dinging restaurants.


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Most of the luxury hotels are situated close to the Galle Face Green. Many of them can be found within walking distance of this place.

The following hotels are situated within walking distance.

This beach is not safe for swimming. It is better you do not dive in here as the waves are strong. It’s safer to enjoy the water from  distance.

If you’re visiting Colombo during your vacation, be sure to check out Galle Face Green. Remember,the best time to visit this place is late afternoon and evening hours as it has little shade from the sun.

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